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Hindustan Cooling Solutions is the leading agency for different types of cooling techniques. We provide various services to our customers at very affordable rates. One can repair their AC or can get some cooling solutions from us. It will have good and quality results. We also carry out Gas Charging and Washing Machine repairs at our workshop.

All these services are done under the observations of expertise. These experts also take special care of all these instruments while doing the servicing. Customers feel relaxed once they hand over their Gas or AC or any other cooling devices with us. Our skilled and experienced workers make sure that all these devices start running smoothly after completing their servicing.

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AC Repair

Hindustan Cooling Solutions is a one-stop solution for all the issues regarding AC. They are turning out to be the top emerging Cooling Solutions in the country.


Installation Services

Hindustan Cooling Solutions are specialized in the installation and installation of Dismantle. Therefore, you can carry out any of these operations without any harm to


Gas Charging

as Charging is essential in any kind of AC. However, to charge the same, having a good agency is very important. That's why Hindustan Cooling Solutions is the top-notch


AC Services Solutions

All air conditioning devices require servicing solutions as they depreciate with time. However, if we don't provide the same, all Air Conditioning devices will lose their efficiency.


Freeze Repair

Hindustan Cooling Solutions is a top-notch agency in all the repairing and maintenance of work-related air conditioning devices. They are a team of skilled and experienced staff.


Washing Machine Repair

Hindustan Cooling Solutions are always ready to provide timely and quality service to customers of all devices.

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